We're around for some years now. Due to the fact, that we emanate from different bands, we did years ago, nobody really knows the point since we do our crap as 'sidetracked'. Definitions of music usually suck, so let's say we play some punk-hardcore-thrash and get your own impression. We always try to express our view to this world, with all our love, hate, joy and frustrations, so we're a very energetic, fast and lusty band and as I look back, we don't become quiter over the years. When our first singer andy decided to leave the band, we found cpt. svennek to fill that gap. Sadly, he left us a couple of months later and as we thought, we were totally fucked, a new thrashing star appeared on stage. The new gorge is called sascha and he does a perfect job in every respect. So sidetracked remains as a conspiracy of four young men, who are still not fed up with all of this, there is still too much to see and too much too do, so for us, things will go on. We recorded a cd in june 2002, which was released by goodboysrecords, most reviewers compared us with some great bands like ganggreen, ds13 or jerryskids. A split-7" with somecamerunning and a tape followed end 2004. Both contains our best songs until now, so both the tape and the 7" are way more representative for the sidetracked-sound we're doing today. Some last words: We're a punkband, we don't care for big-business-shit, we're not around to make some money with the things we do. It's totally disgusting to see how stupid and bumptious some so-called punk- or hardcorebands behave just to move mainstream against long odds. Fuck you, we're not with you.

Sidetracked LineUp:
alex rakowski - guitar
tim kruse - drums
sascha voß - voice
frid puls - bass

alex rakowski
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