From the remains of several local punk- and hardcorebands, Northern-Germany-based TACKLEBERRY was formed in the late summer of 2004. Eager to get back on stage, the four kids wrote a dozen songs at full tilt, and managed to play a show with AMULET, after having rehearsed for only 2 months. By that time, the first Demo-Cd called "...and the losers win it all some day..." had also been recorded. Soon after that, Andri Ong filled the vacant second guitar-player spot. TACKLEBERRY combines elements of modern and old-school Hardcore, adds a punkrock-edge and -attitude and still isn`t afraid of combining this with other styles. Positive, fast, without superfluous macho-bullshit! Dealing rather with personal than political issues, the lyrics still contain lots of social criticism, often presented in a somewhat satirical way. When seen live, TACKLEBERRY has been compared to bands such as Refused, Snapcase or Death by Stereo. After a year of playing numerous gigs in all over Germany and having managed to play their first tour, TACKLEBERRY is now ready and looking forward to see the world. Also the first 7-song EP called "Volcano" is now in the can and will be released in near future, so stay tuned. -I believe in Hardcore, but I believe in humour-

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