Woof has been started in April 1998 in the catholic town Paderborn. The goal of the 5 guys was to produce neat old school hardcore, what was occasionally crossed out by their passion to new school hardcore and mosh. The result of their efforts have been recorded twice. The first recording has been done 6 months after the band had started, these 4 songs have never been really published, only as sort of demo/promo cd. In november 1999, after getting in contact with HorrorBiz-Dave, 18 songs have been recorded in Denny Gabriel's Werner Wiese recording palace. The result was partly released on a split cd with Third Degree Burn(HH) released by Horror Business Records/Broken Bones Rec. and Good Boys Rec. The suburb/village guys don't take lyrics like "Where I belong", "PB-pride" or "O.S.P." too serious but make fun of their narrow-minded hometown and the clichee of tough guy hardcore. Everybody who ever saw them on stage should recognize this fact. But they also have serious lyrics like "No one's guilt", "Consistent" or "Empty promises". They already proved that they can rock the stage with bands like "Better than a thousand", "H2o", "Shelter" or "Miozän" in Germany's clubs. As resume remains that Woof has fun and does fun; and that's the most important for the 5. Rock on !

Woof LineUp:
remmert - voice
sievers - drums
thumb - bass
sano - guitar
schlunz - guitar

Dennis Ziebart
Hilgenweg 18
33178 Borchen-Alfen